TICTAC Visual ID System for Healthcare



TICTAC has two main application areas for healthcare.

  • Instant Visual Drug Identification
  • Drug/Medicines Information

Who uses TICTAC for healthcare? A large number of healthcare agencies, hospitals, pharmacies, prescribing/dispensing management systems and pharmaceutical companies use TICTAC.

healthcare-logoWhy do so many of these organisations use TICTAC? Because year after year, TICTAC saves them considerable amounts of money and time. But more importantly, TICTAC helps ensure the safety of their patients and in some cases assists in saving patients’ lives.

There are many applications for TICTAC in healthcare. Click on any of the areas below to see specific examples of where and how TICTAC is used:


  • Identify
  • Tablets suspected to be abused
  • Alternative sources of products
  • Tablets in drug trays
  • Tablets returned / brought in by patients
  • Tablets brought in by patients to admissions
  • Mixed batches of generic products
  • Medicines sourced from overseas
  • Products in suspected overdose cases
  • Medication a patient is already taking
  • Generate lists of drugs (with pictures) used by patient groups, e.g. kidney transplant patients, HIV/AIDS
  • Establish the manufacturer of a particular product
  • Investigation of suspected dispensing errors


  • Identify
  • Tablets & capsules brought in by the public
  • Loose tablets/capsules when preparing multi-packs
  • Tablets for residential nursing homes (e.g. drug trays )
  • Alternative sources of products
  • Rogue tablets returned by customers
  • Mixed batches of generic products
  • Medicines sourced from overseas
  • Print images on patient MAR charts
  • Check dimensions/weights of medicines
  • Find tablets requested by patients, i.e. products without colouring
  • Investigation of suspected dispensing errors
  • Keep abreast of drug abuse
  • Find who makes a particular product
  • Quality control for robotic dispensing
  • Calibration for robotic dispensing

Pharmaceutical companies

Instant identification of tablets and capsules -

Gives Medical Information a fast and comprehensive visual drug identification tool which can be used on any PC/lap top, in or out of the office, 24/7. Especially helpful when dealing with phone enquiries.

Check uniqueness of markings for product design -

Allows Regulatory/R&D to ensure new tablet and capsule designs/markings do not match another product or resemble an illicit drug.

A reference for clinical trials -

Access to a wealth of design information and weights/dimensions to ensure products and placebos used in clinical trials do not resemble other medicines.

A pictorial repository of the medicines from over 1000 pharmaceutical companies -

A comprehensive repository and reference library of a company’s own products and those of competitors.

Using TICTAC: Please scroll down for information about how TICTAC is used

To view a video showing how TICTAC is used, please click click here or on the video itself.


TICTAC Drug Identification


Need to know what this is and whether care should be taken in handling it? Simply enter a few details about it and TICTAC will display the answers in two seconds.



TICTAC does not just identify what the tablet is. TICTAC provides images, product name, active ingredients, size, weight, street names, legal status, manufacturer, audio clip of correct pronunciation and for licensed medicines, dose, license number, DM+D  AMP code and links to the SPC. It also highlights that this is a cytotoxic medicine so care should be taken in handling it.



One click drills down to the next level of information. This includes chemical structure, therapeutic category, legal status, metabolite information and links to other products with the same active ingredient. Drug test immunoassay cross reactivity data is also available for a number of medicines.



Or, perhaps you need to browse all of the products from one company?
You can access all of their products in seconds.


Need to know all products available for a particular therapeutic area? It only takes a second!