Drug Images

TICTAC drug images

Over 95,000 images of medicines & drugs.


TICTAC’s unrivaled database of drug images can be used for a number of purposes. Click on the links below for further details in your area of interest.

Medicines information web sites

Brighten up dull medicines information pages with content-appropriate graphics and colour while increasing patient safety.


Adding pictures does not just improve the look of web sites offering information on medicines. It provides a visual check allowing patients and carers to make sure the medicine they have found on your site really is the one they are seeking information on.

Dispensing systems/MAR charts

Help prevent dispensing errors by adding images of dispensed medicines directly to patient MAR charts

drug-img004Adding pictures of dispensed medicines to a patient’s MAR chart enables carers and patients to easily see if the medicines they are given are in fact the ones they have been prescribed.

TICTAC images can easily be incorporated into pharmacy management, dispensing and MPS software system so that images of prescribed/dispensed medicines are automatically printed on MAR charts or other patient records.

Nursing Homes

Help ensure that residents of your nursing home do not accidentally take someone else’s medicines


Make accidental drug tray and drug trolley medicine mix ups a thing of the past. Whether hand filled or robotically filled, any time there are large numbers and variations of unpacked medicines dispensed, there is room for error. With printed images of the medicines the resident is prescribed, pharmacists and care staff can easily check that what is supposed to be in the tray, really is what is in the tray and that this remains the case even after it has been transported to the home or within the ward.

Multi pack dispensing


The advent of multi-pack trays has made it much easier for patients with multiple prescriptions to manage their medication regimes at home. But sometime patients accidentally pop open more than one section at a time and end up with a pile of loose medicines, not knowing which is which.

Including pictures with the multi-packs allows them to easily sort which should go where and when it should be taken.

Robotic dispensing – quality control and calibration for robotic dispensing systems.

drug-img009Quality control

Robotic dispensing has revolutionised large scale dispensing operations. Yet, how do you know for sure that the robot has selected the right medicine, every time? TICTAC images make this simple as they provide a visual record to easily compare what has been selected with what should have been selected.

Calibration data
TICTAC holds the weight and dimensions for every medicine in the database. This provides an excellent source of calibration data to ensure that the medicines dispensed by robotic systems will fit into the dispensing container.

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