Specialised drug identification, drug analysis and drug information.

TICTAC Communications Ltd. is a leading provider of drug identification and drug information to the criminal justice and healthcare sectors.


Based in the medical school at St. George’s University of London, TICTAC has a long and trusted heritage. Over the past 25 years we have provided drug identification products, services and analysis to a wide range of organisations including police forces, the Home Office, prisons, customs, forensic laboratories, DAATs, hospitals, universities, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers of pharmacy dispensing systems.


TICTAC Visual Drug Identification And Information System

Instantly identify solid dose drugs by searching over 37,000 medicines and drugs in seconds. TICTAC is a fast and easy to use visual drug identification system for tablets, capsules, patches and stamps.

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TICTAC Drug Analysis

TICTAC’s vast experience with drug identification and our unique spectral libraries enable us to offer a high quality, fast turnaround drug analysis service.

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TICTAC Drug Images

TICTAC’s image library has over 100,000 images of medicines and drugs. These can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from medicines websites to MAR charts and multi-pack dispensing

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TICTAC Spectral Libraries

TICTAC has Europe’s most up-to-date Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR/FTIR) spectral library of new psychoactive substances/legal highs. We can also create Raman spectra for these drugs.

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Assessment Of Drug Analysis Instruments And Methods

TICTAC is the only place in Europe where drug analysis instruments, methods and techniques can be tested against virtually every medicine and illicit drug.

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Drug Information

Current and archived news about medicines, drugs, drug trends, drug legislation and drug abuse. A dictionary of drug slang terms. Drug monographs. Audio pronunciation of drug names. Informative videos of drug use and drug manufacture. And much more.

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